almost ready︎

check all your website!! links, content, and so on, before you copy all this content in your USB key. remember do no mistakes, you need that everything works perfect.
copy and paste your edited content folder to your USB key, and share with the world.

please note
the css folder contains the style of our layout and the fonts we choose for you, if you have any doubt, just read it! coding it is indeed easy, and we leave you some description to make it even more easy.

always keep a fresh and untouched copy of the content folder, it will help you to replace the code if you make a mistake.

you want to change something but you’re not sure how, google it! or ask us. the solution is there, you just need to dare to ask.

auto_login.html, open_browser.html, are just pages to make sure the user experience on all devices works perfect, just do not touch.

favicon.ico, it is an icon that will appear next to you URL. we have a default one but you can generate a personalize one on photoshop or online, you just need to replace that file and keep the name.