download a text editor for code in your computer
sublime text︎ will do. you can use your computer notepad app but we recommend an advance tool.

1.edit the pages
index.html and nothing.html, this pages will contain the presentation of your project

index.html it’s a page that only hold an image preview for each artist, this images are link to each artist html, that you will find in the directory: content >

art pages organized by number 01.html, 02.html, 03.html, and so on...

keep in mind that you’ve 11 images, #1 will be in this case your “about” that links to “nothing.html”

edit nothing.html, when you open this file you’ll see that the website layout is inside <div class=”dsc”> keep it like that and only edit the content inside.
<img> will hold your image preview, you can deleted if you don’t need a top image.

<small> place here your title or headline.
<p> will be the place to write you description, every new <p> it’s a new paragraph.

<br> it’s a line break, you can used for phrasing content.

easy, right?!

2.edit your artists pages
01.html, 02.html, 03.html and 04.html are our exemple pages, the rest are just blank waiting for your content!
01.html, it’s our video preview, you’ll have the same layout everytime, inside you have:

<div class="tw"> this is your button to go back to the index page

<div class="dsc"> the place for your content

<img> your artwork preview image

<small> title

<p> your description

<strong> a second title with a different style