you need︎

1x the wrong router
1x usb key
1x computer


1. please download this zip folder︎ to your computer

2.unzip folder and copy all content to usb key

note: this is a very important step, so please check video tutorial #02︎ for correct way to copy content 

note#2: USB key should be formatted as FAT32 and have enough capacity to hold installation and your artworks

3. connect usb key to router

4. power the router via computer (or any other power source) using usb cable provided

note: installation takes about 10>20 minutes. when completed, flashing lights on your router will calm down, and the.wrong ︎ wifi signal will be active and discoverable by your device

5. your router is now live!

note: once software has been installed, please delete “auto_flash” and “install” folders from the usb key, to avoid reinstalling everytime you power your device

6. feel free to add your content


to add your stuff, you must copy it to the content folder, inside the.wrong folder, inside the usb key

usb key ︎
the.wrong ︎

to showcase your content, you must frame it into a website so all browsers can navigate it


my website is ready:

1. save your full website at content folder

note: all files directory should run locally as the router its not connected to internet, so you’ll need that all files (images, videos, scripts, etc) are saved on the content folder

2. plug usb key into the wrong router

3. share

no website︎

1. edit the default website at content folder

note: click here for more detailed infos on how to edit the default website︎

2. add all artworks and images

3. plug usb key into the wrong router

4. share